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Bedford County Title Insurance QuoteAre you purchasing or refinancing a home in Bradford County, Pennsylvania?

Don’t let the biggest investment of your life be jeopardized by not having the proper Bedford County title insurance coverage at settlement!

We are a Bedford Title Insurance Company providing independent 3rd party title services to home buyers. Let us look out for you!

And our in house real estate attorney will review your title and mortgage documents with you at NO additional cost!!


A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a PA title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Typically, homeowners don’t make this decision for themselves, instead relying on their bank’s or attorney’s choice; however, the homeowner retains the right. RESPA makes it unlawful for any bank, broker, attorney or seller to mandate that a particular Bedford County title insurance company be used. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law and any person or business doing so can be heavily fined or lose its license.

Another reason to choose World Wide Land Transfer as your Bedford County Title Insurance company is that we will be a true independent 3rd party to your transaction. We are not owned or operated by your real estate agents firm or your bank. This eliminates the chance of conflicts of interest between your PA title insurance provider and the referral source (realtor or bank).





The County of Bedford was established on March 9, 1771 from parts of Cumberland County, and is named for the fort that tamed the area for settlers to
follow. At the county seat, you will find the oldest Pennsylvania County Courthouse still in use. The fourteen covered bridges that dot the county landscape are another sign of the area’s rich history.

With a population of 49,762 (2010 census) and a size of 1,017 square miles, Bedford County residents enjoy quaint towns in a rural setting that is conveniently located in south central Pennsylvania, just hours away from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Baltimore and Washington DC. Hospitality abounds from modern hotels, historic taverns, peaceful bed and breakfasts and the grand Omni Bedford Springs Resort. One can also enjoy the great mountains, rivers and lakes that offer outdoor recreation.


BOROUGHS: Bedford, Coaldale, Everett, Hopewell, Hyndman, Manns Choice, New Paris, Pleasantville, Rainsburg, Saxton, Schellsburg, St. Clairsville, Woodbury


TOWNSHIPS: Bedford Township, Bloomfield Township, Broad Top Township, Colerain Township, Cumberland Valley Township, Harrison Township, Hopewell Township, Juniata Township, Kimmel Township, King Township, Liberty Township, Lincoln Township, Londonderry Township, Mann Township, Monroe Township, Napier Township, East Providence Township, West Providence Township, Snake Spring Township, Southampton Township, East St. Clairsville Township, West St. Clairsville Township, Pavia Township, Woodbury Township, South Woodbury Township


Tax Collectors

Bedford Borough

Cathy Jones

P.O. Box 454

Bedford, PA   15522

814.623.9371 or 814.623.5984


Broad Top Township

Gail Donelson

102 Miller Road

Six Mile Run, PA  16679



Cumberland Valley Township

Susan Llewellyn

5114 Bedford Valley Road

Bedford, PA  15522



Hopewell Borough

Sandra Brown

P.O. Box 182

Hopewell, PA  16650



Juniata Township

Carol Whitfield

733 Smoky Ridge Road

Schellsburg, PA  15559



Liberty Township

Brenda Bowser

573 Raven Run Road

Saxton, PA  16678



Mann Township

Evelyn Clingerman

2760 Clear Ridge Road

Clearville, PA   15535



Napier Township

Tonia Shaffer

548 Miller Road

Schellsburg, PA  15559



East Providence Township

Betty Wilt

669 E. Graceville Road

Breezewood, PA   15533



Saxton Borough

Barbara Meck

904 Norris Street

Saxton, PA  15559



Southampton Township

Debbie Dicken

3388 Chaneysville Road

Clearville, PA  15535


West St. Clairsville Township

Susan Bence

906 Oldham Road

Alum Bank, PA  15521



Woodbury Township

Carolyn Tracey

221 Mill Street

Woodbury, PA  16695




Bedford Township

Rose Barefoot

1366 Younts Road

Bedford, PA   15522




Coaldale Borough

Carol Foore

P.O. Box 23

Six Mile Run, PA  16679




Everett Borough

Karen Foor

831 West Street

Everett, PA  15537




Hopewell Township

Shirley Mellott

1244 Raystown Road

Everett, PA  15537



Kimmel Township

Jackie Black

2097 Queen Road

Queen, PA  16670




Lincoln Township

Barbara Allison

198 Berkey Hollow Road

Alum Bank,  PA   15521




Manns Choice Borough

Cynthia Prugh

205 Main Street

Manns Choice, PA  15550




New Paris Borough

Kerri Mickel **

4099 Cortland Drive

New Paris, PA  15554




West Providence Township

Elaine Hayes

111 Adams Street

Everett, PA  15537




Schellsburg Borough

Maxine Barrack

P.O. Box 74

Schellsburg, PA  15559




St. Clairsville Borough

Anna Ickes

264 Main Street

Osterburg, PA  16667




Pavia Township

Renee Fitzpatrick

139 Pavia Road

Imler, PA  16655




South Woodbury Township

Debbie Mellott

1847 Woodbury Pike

Loysburg, PA  16659

814.766.3557 or 766.2383





Bloomfield Township

Beverly Ritchey

3375 Lafayette Road

Bakers Summit, PA  16673




Colerain Township

Mary Ellen Littlefield

2218 Diehl Road

Bedford, PA  15522




Harrison Township

Christiana Diehl

5548 Diehl Road

Manns Choice, PA  15550




Hyndman Borough

Adele Merkel

P.O. Box 225

Hyndman, PA  15545




King Township

Wanda Whitcomb

178 Hollidaysburg Street

Osterburg, PA  16667




Londonderry Township

Kelly Harshberger

P.O. Box 5

Hyndman, PA  15545

814.842.9226 or 842.3462



Monroe Township

Theresa Howsare

P.O. Box 274

Everett, PA  15537




Pleasantville Borough

Linda Felix

110 Main Street

Alum Bank, PA  15521




Rainsburg Borough

Dusty Howsare

3209 Main Road

Bedford, PA  15522




Snake Spring Township

Anna Swindell

613 Lutzville Road

Everett, PA  15537




East St. Clairsville Township

Karen Daugherty

966 Adams Run Road

Bedford, PA  15522




Woodbury Borough

Carol Snyder

P.O. Box 44

Woodbury, PA  16695





Recorder of Deeds

Bedford County

Faith A. Zembower – Register Recorder

200 South Juliana Street

Bedford, PA 15522


The schedule of fees below would be for documents with a maximum of 4 names and 4 pages.

Each Additional Name $0.50

Each Additional Page $2.00

Draft 1 20×24 inches $ 9.00

Draft 2 Over 24 inches $13.00

Mailed Instruments

Fee charged for returning instruments by mail is $0.50.

For entering marginal notations on the records such as extensions, postponements, assignments, releases, modifications and subordinations are $44.00.


Fee                            Notation                                  TOTAL

Deeds $42.00
Mortgages $42.00
Satisfaction Piece $42.00
Power of Attorney $18.50
Assignment of Mortgage $42.00 $2.00 $44.00
Release of Mortgage $42.00 $2.00 $44.00
Partial Release $42.00 $2.00 $44.00
Installment Sales Agreements or Memorandums $44.00
Agreement $18.50
Easement $42.00
Right-of-Way $42.00
Decree to Quiet Title $18.50
Award of Real Estate $42.00
Declaration of Taking $18.50
Oil & Gas Lease $42.00
Surrender of Oil & Gas Lease $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Lease Agreement $42.00
Leases for a term of thirty (30) years or longer or Memorandums $42.00
Protective Covenants $18.50
Revocation of Power of Attorney $18.50
Permit $18.50
Ordinances $18.50
Notary Bond & Commission $41.50
Certified Copies $1.00 + .25 for each copy
Financing Statement on Approved Forms $100.00
Termination of Financing Statements $100.00
Continuation of Financing Statement $100.00
Amendment of Financing Statement $100.00
State Highway, Sub-Division plans, mining plans $16.50
Each Additional Page $ 3.00
Each Name Indexed $ .50
Military Discharge, Certificate of Service, Separation Form Known as DD Form 214, or other similar forms Certified Copies of military papers NO CHARGE
Affidavit $18.50
Amendment $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Cancellation $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Condemnation $18.50
Extension $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Modification $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Release $42.00 $2.00 $44.00
Restriction $18.50
Subordination $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Termination $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Order $18.50
Assumption $18.50
Bankruptcy $18.50
Charter $18.50
Claim $18.50
Consent $18.50
Continuation $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Contract $18.50
Certificate $18.50
Disclaimer $18.50
Election $18.50
Mineral Rights $18.50
Merger $18.50
Notice $18.50
Notary name change $18.50
Option $18.50
Partial Assignment $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Partial Waiver $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Postponement $18.50
Renunciation $18.50
Rider $18.50
Partial Satisfaction $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Stipulation $18.50
Statement $18.50
Trust $18.50
Waiver $18.50
Ratification $18.50 $2.00 $20.50
Decree $18.50


 Bedford County Title Insurance