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Apr 2020
The Effects of COVID – 19 are Making Title Agent’s Core Services Challenging

With the current low interest rates, millions of people are buying property and refinancing mortgage loans. However, with a large percentage of land ...

Feb 2020
Philadelphia Property Assessment Audit Reveals Major Issues Confirming Consumer Outrage

An audit of the City of Philadelphia’s property assessments was recently released, and the conclusions are not pretty. The findings indicate that the assessments are ...

Feb 2020
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Endorsement Prices Going Up

The major title insurance underwriters in the United States, the PLTA and the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania have been busy putting ...

Jan 2020
Philadelphia Water Debt
City Releases Guide to Searching for Philadelphia Water Debt

The Philadelphia Water Revenue Bureau released a guide for title searchers using Basis2, the city's water billing system, to uncover: Outstanding water balances and ...

Dec 2019
Pittsburgh Transfer Tax
Pittsburgh Transfer Tax Increase Effective January 1, 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, the total transfer tax for properties in the City of Pittsburgh will increase from 4.5% to 5%, giving Pittsburgh ...

Sep 2013
World Wide Land Transfer Named to Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc. has been named to Inc. 5000′s list of fastest growing companies. The Inc. 500/5000, which examines companies based on ...

Jul 2013
Read the instructions, dear!

Whether you’re involved in a buy/sell deal or simply refinancing, there will be an abundance of paperwork.  Once past the Agreement of Sale ...

Aug 2012
Which Judgment Liens Create A Cloud On Title?

In rem versus In personam.  Do all judgment liens matter to your deal?  Not necessarily.  Judgment liens are monetary awards in favor of ...

Jul 2012
Holding Title with Rights of Survivorship

John Smith and Mary Jones, a lovely couple, buy a house together, using the services of a reputable PA Title Insurance Company.  They ...

May 2012
PA Transfer Tax Exemptions

Pennsylvania Transfer Tax Exemptions As a PA Title Insurance company we get inquiries all the time regarding the transfers of ownership for PA properties.  ...