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Sep 2013
World Wide Land Transfer Named to Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc. has been named to Inc. 5000′s list of fastest growing companies. The Inc. 500/5000, which examines companies based on ...

Jul 2013
Read the instructions, dear!

Whether you’re involved in a buy/sell deal or simply refinancing, there will be an abundance of paperwork.  Once past the Agreement of Sale ...

Aug 2012
Which Judgment Liens Create A Cloud On Title?

In rem versus In personam.  Do all judgment liens matter to your deal?  Not necessarily.  Judgment liens are monetary awards in favor of ...

Jul 2012
Holding Title with Rights of Survivorship

John Smith and Mary Jones, a lovely couple, buy a house together, using the services of a reputable PA Title Insurance Company.  They ...

May 2012
PA Transfer Tax Exemptions

Pennsylvania Transfer Tax Exemptions As a PA Title Insurance company we get inquiries all the time regarding the transfers of ownership for PA properties.  ...

May 2012
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rate Simplification

As previously written the Pennsylvania Insurance Department has approved a Title Insurance Rate Simplification, Rate Increase and Manual Revisions submitted by the Title ...

May 2012
PA Title Insurance Rates Change Approved

  PA Title Insurance Rates are about to change. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has approved the Rate Simplification for all Title Insurance Rating Bureau ...

Apr 2012
Pittsburgh Special Library Tax impact on Title Insurance

Last November a Special Library Tax was approved by the voters in the City of Pittsburgh. The special tax was instituted to generate ...

Mar 2012
The PLTA Opposition to PA House Bill 1877

    It is worth noting that earlier this month, PLTA's President, Phil Janny, provided testimony opposing the Pennsylvania House Bill 1877 The purpose of the ...

Mar 2012
City of Scranton Realty Transfer Tax Increase

Pursuant to the January 1st, 2012 changes by the City of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in increasing its Realty Transfer Tax to 2.8%, below is an ...