Commercial Title Insurance & Settlement Services in Pennsylvania

Commercial Title Insurance Services

Commercial Title Insurance in PA

Buying a piece of commercial real estate can be a great investment, but if title defects throw a wrench into the works, you may not be able to get the same return you expected. You will certainly be protecting yourself from title defects with PA commercial title insurance? Title Insurance will prevent you from any fiscal losses due to undisclosed liens, ownership disputes, fraudulent deeds, and a range of other title defects. Without a title policy, you will be financially responsible for resolving these defects on your own, and there’s no telling how much it might cost you.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial title insurance company, World Wide Land Transfer offers Pennsylvania commercial title insurance and commercial settlement services for all counties located in the state. We also work with clients all over the country as a full-service PA commercial real estate title insurance agency.

Call us today for commercial title insurance rates, or to find out more about owner’s or lender’s title insurance in PA or anywhere else nationwide.

Title Insurance Will Protect Your Commercial Property Purchase

The current real estate environment has made the Pennsylvania commercial marketplace more complex than ever. To guarantee smooth delivery from the opening to the closing of a transaction, you need the financial strength, knowledge, and specialized support of a dedicated, cohesive team that emphasizes efficiency. Talk to our team about a commercial title policy that can protect you from any of the following title defects:

  • Commercial title services in PennsylvaniaPublic records errors
  • Liens
  • Contested or previously unknown wills
  • Unenforceable deeds
  • Forged or incorrectly filed documents
  • Third-party claims on a property
  • Undisclosed easements
  • Surveying errors and property line disputes

These defects may not always show up on your initial title report, but with a title policy, you will be protected from all of them. World Wide Land Transfer can help you take some of the risks out of any commercial real estate transaction in PA or nationwide.

As a commercial title insurance company since 2004, World Wide Land Transfer has the experience and knowledge you need to ensure every transaction goes smoothly. Our team will anticipate your needs to prevent unforeseen problems and you can rely on us to provide the best title services possible. We have extensive familiarity with high-liability commercial underwriting, settlement, and national multi-site transactions. Due to our skilled and empowered local management, you have assured the specialized, flexible service of a familiar and proven network of experienced professionals so that you and your customers can successfully close all commercial transactions.

How Much Does Commercial Title Insurance Cost in PA?

Title Insurance is state regulated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so the actual insurance amount will not vary from company to company. However, the additional fees in a commercial file certainly will and World Wide Land Transfer will certainly be more competitive than other companies who charge excessive additional fees. Title insurance rates in Pennsylvania are promulgated and based on the sale price of the property in question, hence we are not able to give you an accurate quote here. If you are interested in finding specific commercial title insurance rates for the property you want to buy, the best thing to do is get in touch with us and speak to a title agent.

Whether your transaction involves a residential subdivision, commercial developments or resales, industrial projects, investment properties, or government project work, you can rely on World Wide Land Transfer for sound, dependable Pennsylvania commercial title insurance, and escrow services. Call us today for more information.