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Feb 2012
Pennsylvania Transfer Tax on Assignment Transactions

This is a continuation of our series of posts on Pennsylvania Transfer tax and the “unusual transaction”.  As a reminder the PA Realty ...

Feb 2012
Pennsylvania Transfer Tax on Relocation Transactions

The "unusual transaction" always creates questions on what the applicable amount of transfer tax is or whether it applies at all. We receive ...

Jan 2012
Pennsylvania Title Insurance – Rate Explanations

Pennsylvania Title Insurance Premium As elaborated on in past blog posts Pennsylvania Title Insurance is state mandated by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of ...

Jan 2012
Philadelphia Investors and Gas Liens

When purchasing a property in Pennsylvania we constantly remind you it is vital you use a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company.  Many out of ...

Jan 2012
PA Title Insurance is all inclusive

I know we have posted similar write ups on the fact that PA Title Insurance is state regulated and there should only be ...

Nov 2011
Judgments and the affect on Title Insurance in PA

How Judgments affect the ability to obtain Title Insurance in Pennsylvania for Mortgage Financing in Pennsylvania What is a Judgment? A judgment is the final ...

Oct 2011
How To Choose a Title Company in PA?

How Do I Choose A Pennsylvania Title Company? Most consumers don’t even realize what Title Insurance really is. Many consumers don’t know they ...

Aug 2011
Irene Delaying Pennsylvania Real Estate Settlements

Hurricane Irene created massive flooding throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, property damage across delaware valley and power outages to many.  But wait ...

Aug 2011
Preparation for Closing; A Buyer’s Pre-Settlement Checklist

Typically, at the closing the buyer(s), seller(s), real estate agent(s), attorney(s) and loan officer(s) meet at the offices of World Wide Land Transfer ...

Aug 2011
Title Insurance in a Bad Economy

Title Insurance in a Bad Economy Whether you’re a first time homebuyer or upgrading from your starter home, closing escrow is an exciting time. ...