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Buying a home is a big step for anyone, whether it’s your first home or you’re moving somewhere new. You wouldn’t want your home buying experience to be soured by a title defect, would you? Many types of title defects won’t show up on a title report, but as a homebuyer, you will still be responsible for resolving them. If you are buying or refinancing a home in Chester County, PA, a title insurance policy can protect you from a range of title defects and ensure your transaction goes smoothly. We are a PA Title Company and can help you with just that!

At World Wide Land Transfer, we have been helping real estate buyers and lenders in the Chester County, PA area with their title insurance needs for almost 20 years. Whether you need owner’s title insurance or lender’s title insurance, you can count on our team to help you get to closing smoothly and efficiently. Get in touch with us today for PA title insurance services in Chester County, PA, or anywhere else nationwide.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

Title defects can call your ownership rights into question and resolving them can take a great deal of time and effort. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in court defending your ownership rights. You may have to pay an attorney or be responsible for other fees as you work out any issues that may come up. The most common types of title defects we see include:

  • Multiple parties claim ownership of the property
  • Deeds and other documents were forged or improperly filed in the past
  • A previously undiscovered will has come to light
  • Taxes are owed on the property or maybe even past due IRS Taxes from prior owners
  • Property line disputes or undisclosed easements exist

A title insurance policy can protect you from sustaining financial losses due to these and other title defects. If you have questions, the best thing to do is call World Wide Land Transfer and speak with a title agent serving Chester County, PA today.

How Long Does the Title Insurance Policy Last?

Title insurance company in Chester County, PAIf you think a title insurance policy is something you can’t afford, think again; this one-time expense will cover you for the entire time you live in your home. That could be one year, ten years, or fifty years! There is no limit to the amount of time you can be covered by your policy. Moreover, our PA Title company charges the lowest fees permitted by law and will wipe out all of the excessive closing fees other settlement companies charge.

When you need a title company in Chester County, PA, look no further than World Wide Land Transfer. An experienced title agent will be happy to take your call and answer any questions you have about title insurance rates or the other services we offer. We also serve clients all over the country, so call us if you need title insurance in Delaware County, PA, Chester County, or anywhere else nationwide.

County of Chester Recording Information:

The Office of the Recorder of Deeds

313 W. Market Street, Suite 3302

P.O. Box 2748

West Chester, PA  19380-0991

School Districts of Chester County:
Avon Grove School District
Coatesville Area School District
Downingtown Area School District
Great Valley School District
Kennett Consolidated School District
Octorara Area School District
Owen J. Roberts School District
Oxford Area School District
Phoenixville Area School District
Tredyffrin/Easttown School District
Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
West Chester Area School District

Tax Claim Bureau

Chester County
Tax Claim Bureau
313 West Market Street, Suite 3602
P.O. Box 2748
West Chester, PA 19380-0991
Phone: 610-344-6360
Fax: 610-344-4722
Jeffrey A. Laudenslager, Director
Jonathan B. Schuck, Asst. Director Assessment/Tax Claim

Bureau of Land Records – UPI Basics

Chester County requires the Uniform Parcel Identifier, or UPI number, to be placed on the first page of each land record document submitted for recording.  The Bureau of Land Record’s primary purpose is to verify each UPI number on each document.  All documents are reviewed by the Bureau of Land Records prior to being recorded by the Recorder of Deeds.
In Chester County, the UPI number and the Parcel Identification Number (PIN) are NOT the same number.  The UPI is a standardized version of the PIN.  As there were various forms of the PIN, an exact UPI format is needed on recorded documents.
  1. The UPI number will consist of some or all of the following components:
    Municipality identifier (a number from 1 to 73).  It identifies in which municipality a property is located.  This number is always followed by a dash. View Municipality List.
  2. Map sheet number, with a possible alpha suffix.  Map alphas, if present, are always upper-case.  The map sheet number is always followed by a dash.
  3. Parcel number.
  4. Sub-parcel number.  Always preceded by a decimal point (period).
  5. Sub-parcel alpha suffix.  Always upper-case and never an “I” or an “O”.
The following is a valid UPI number.  Note that the dashes and decimal points are important and that leading zeros are never used.
This property is located in Downingtown Borough, on map sheet 5A, as parcel number 26.6B
Note that suffixes to the PIN, such as E, U, or T are not part of the UPI and should not be included.

Tax Claim Calendar – Changes every year

Tax Claim / Tax Sale Schedule
2012 Tax Sale Schedule
Action Taken
Unpaid 2011 Property Taxes Are Liened Into Tax Claim Bureau
Payments Are Accepted For 2011 And Prior Delinquent Taxes
Pre-Reminder Letters Are Mailed To All Property Owners With 2011 Taxes
Certified Mail Return & Claim Notices Are Mailed To All Property Owners With 2011 Taxes Outstanding
Properties With Unreturned Certified Mail Are Posted By Chester County Sheriffs
Certified Mail First Sale Notices Are Mailed To Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes
First Class Mail Second Sale Notices Are Mailed To Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes
Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes Are Posted And Served By Chester County Sheriffs
Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes Are Advertised Once In Local Newspapers (Daily Local News, Chester County Press & Chester County Law Reporter)
September 10th, 2012 Upset Sale For Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes
End Of Year Reminder Letters Are Mailed To All Delinquent Property Owners
December 10th, 2012 Continued Upset Sale For Properties With 2010 And Prior Delinquent Taxes
December 10th, 2012 Judicial Sale For Properties Exposed At 2011 And Prior Upset Or Continued Upset Sales
Chester County Sheriff Sale Information
Sheriff Sales / Real Property
Preparation and Processing of legal documents for Sheriff’s Sale comply with Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure
   2014 Sale Dates
1/16/2014  January  
2/20/2014  February Addendum
3/20/2014 March Addendum
4/17/2014  April Addendum
5/15/2014 May Addendum
6/19/2014 June  
7/17/2014 July  
8/21/2014 August Addendum
9/18/2014 September Addendum
10/20/2014  October Addendum
11/20/2014 November Addendum
Sales are held every third Thursday of the month
All sales are held in the Justice Center at 11 am.
(Courtroom to be assigned the week of the sale)
Contact the Real Estate Department:
Conditions of a Chester County Sheriff Sale
  1. The highest and best bidder, by a fair and open bid, shall be the purchaser.
  2. Ten percent of the purchase money shall be paid to the Sheriff at the time of sale.  The balance of the purchase money must be paid to the Sheriff at her office in West Chester, within twenty-one (21) days from the date of sale without any demand being made by the Sheriff therefore.
  3. If any person to whom the above the premises shall be struck off, shall neglect or refuse to take the same at his bid, and comply with the conditions of sale thereof, the same when exposed to sale again, by reason of such default, shall be at the sole risk of the first purchaser, who shall derive no benefit from such sale; but he shall pay all difference or deficiency between his bid and the price the same shall bring at such subsequent sale, with all interest, costs and expenses consequent thereon.
  4. Accordingly, the Sheriff advises that her office will insist upon compliance with the conditions of sale as advertised and announced and, in the event that the purchase money is not paid within twenty-one (21) days from the date of sale, the Sheriff may forthwith, And without any further notice cause the premises again to be advertised for sale and shall look to defaulting bidder for payment of all costs occasioned by the re-advertised sale.

Fee Schedule our PA Title Company uses for Chester County Recording Documents:

$65.00 – includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names
  Each additional Page $4.00
Each additional Name $1.00
Extra tract of land $1.00
Each additional UPI
Deeds-in-Blank/Relocation Deeds
Must include 2 Separate Statements of Value; 2 Separate Real Estate Transfer Tax Checks for the State; 2 Separate Real Estate Transfer Tax Checks for the Local Tax; A Separate Check for Recording fees, which must include the administrative processing fee of $65.00 
$65.00 – includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names
  Each additional Page $4.00
Each additional Name $1.00
Each additional UPI $10.00
Any document that alters a mortgage is charged as a mortgage, i.e., Mortgage Modification Agreements, Amendments, Assumptions and Supplement Extensions.
Mortgage Satisfactions, Assignments, Releases, Easements, and Rights of Way
$52.00 – includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names
  Each additional page $2.00
Each additional name $0.50
Each additional UPI $10.00
Others w/Transfer Tax Due
$52.00 – includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names
  Each additional Page $2.00
Each additional Name $0.50
Each additional UPI $10.00
This is for Miscellaneous documents that require the payment of Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Taxes under Pennsylvania Department of Revenue regulations.
Powers of Attorney, Subordinations of Mortgage, Rights of Way, and other Miscellaneous Documents
$18.50 – up to four pages, and four names
  Each additional Page $2.00
Each additional Name $0.50
Each necessary UPI $10.00
If a Power of Attorney (POA) is related to a specific parcel, then a UPI number is required and a UPI fee will be assessed.
$10.00 fee per UPI number will be collected at the time of recordation.  UPI numbers are required on all recordings except, POA, UCC, Notary Bonds & Commissions.  UPI NUMBER SHOULD BE TYPED ON THE FIRST PAGE OF THE DOCUMENT.  A typed or computer generated label, containing the valid UPI, affixed to the first page is acceptable.  The Tax Parcel Number and the UPI Number are formatted differently and are not the same.  Find or verify a UPI 
Subdivision Plans
All maps and plans are to be between 17″ x 22″ and 34″ x 44″. The print contrast must be suitable for microfilming black on white. Three copies are required. The fee for recording is $60.00 for the first page and $10.00 for each additional page, plus any UPI fee(s). The charge is made on one copy only. $1.00 for time-stamping each page of additional set of plans. Please note: same day plan recording stops at 3:30pm each day.
Public Utility Filings
$7.00 per filing / $1.00 per each additional copy
Financing Statements
All U.C.C. Filings $100.00 flat fee per filing.
Notary Commissions
The fee for Notary Bond and Oath is $40.50.
An exhibit, map, or plan filed with another document is$5.00 per exhibit.
Exception: A condominium plan is $25.00.
Note: Any paper filed with a document that is larger than standard legal size is considered an exhibit.
Certified Copies
Copies, when made by staff, fee is $5.00 per page and$1.50 for certification.
Copies, when made by customer, fee is $0.50 per page and$1.50 for certification.
Faxed Copies
Copies faxed to your fax machine location. Fee is $5.00 per page plus a $1.00 fax fee per order. Invoice will accompany your order and is payable upon receipt. For order forms or any other general information contact Cathy N. Addison at 610-344-5317.
Note: Faxed copies of documents cannot be certified.
Document Standards
In January 2005, our office adopted the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) Document Standards.  All documents submitted for recording are required to meet these standards.  Documents submitted that do not meet these standards must be accompanied by a $25.00 non-compliance fee (per document).
Name Search Certificate
$10.00 per name when requested in advance.
$20.00 per name when requested same day.
Contact our office immediately after you have been assigned a hearing date by the court.  Pick-up the certificate the day of the hearing, prior to going to court. 

Re-recording a Mortgage

For pricing, see Mortgages above.
Re-recording a mortgage requires:
1) Submission of the complete, intact original recorded mortgage, with each of our labels, seals, and stamps intact. 
2) A clear explanation for the re-recording typed or neatly printed on the first page or on a cover page. 
3) Any error should be stricken by drawing a line through the incorrect information and clearly stating the correct information.  Any omission should be corrected prior to resubmission. 
4) The re-recording must be accompanied by a newnotary’s acknowledgement of the borrower. The notary is acknowledging that the borrower appeared in person and that this re-recording is, in fact the borrower’s deed and act–the borrower does not need to resign the mortgage.