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If you have a real estate transaction in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, make sure all of your paperwork is lined up. You need to make sure you have title insurance at the settlement table, or you run the risk of your real estate transaction being canceled!

You need to make sure you have appropriate coverage, but you do not want to overpay for that coverage either. In Jefferson County, you have the right to choose your own title insurance company. Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), you are not required to use the title insurance company provided to you by your lender.

We are a Pennsylvania title insurance company, and we can connect you with independent, third-party title services. We also have a real estate attorney in our office who will review your mortgage paperwork and title documents with you at no additional cost. Remember that you have the legal right to choose your own title insurance company, and we can help you find the right title insurance for your real estate transaction!

At World Wide Land Transfer, we do not have any conflicts of interest because we are not affiliated with your bank or real estate agent. Our only goal is to make sure we help you find the right title insurance to meet your needs and expedite your upcoming real estate transaction. If you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today to speak to our team!


Jefferson County was established on March 26, 1804, from part of Lycoming County and named for then-President Thomas Jefferson. It is home to Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog that predicts when spring will come every February 2 (Groundhog Day).

BOROUGHS: Big Run,  Brockway, Brookville, Corsica, Falls Creek (partly in Clearfield County),  Punxsutawney, Reynoldsville, Summerville, Sykesville, Timblin, Worthville

TOWNSHIPS: Barnett Township, Beaver Township, Bell Township, Clover Township, Eldred Township, Gaskill Township, Heath Township, Henderson Township, Knox Township, McCalmont Township, Oliver Township, Perry Township, Pine Creek Township, Polk Township, Porter Township, Ringgold Township, Rose Township, Snyder Township, Union Township, Warsaw Township, Washington Township, Winslow Township, Young Township

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*Recording fees are available by contacting your PA Title Insurance Company.