Juniatia County Title Insurance

Are you purchasing or refinancing a home in Juniata County, Pennsylvania?    

Don’t let the biggest investment of your life be jeopardized by not having the proper Juniata County title insurance coverage at settlement!

We are a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company providing independent 3rd party title services to home buyers. Let us look out for you!

And our in house real estate attorney will review your title and mortgage documents with you at NO additional cost!!


A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a PA title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Typically, homeowners don’t make this decision for themselves, instead relying on their bank’s or attorney’s choice; however, the homeowner retains the right. RESPA makes it unlawful for any bank, broker, attorney or seller to mandate that a particular Juniata County title insurance company be used. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law and any person or business doing so can be heavily fined or lose its license.

Another reason to choose World Wide Land Transfer as your Juniata County Title Insurance company is that we will be a true independent 3rd party to your transaction. We are not owned or operated by your real estate agents firm or your bank. This eliminates the chance of conflicts of interest between your title insurance provider and the referral source (realtor or bank).









Located slightly southeast of the center of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Juniata County covers 394 square miles of farmland and forest. Beautiful scenery near the Juniata River shows the county to be sparsely populated with an average population of only 57 people per square mile. The number of chickens and diary cows far outweigh the number of people farming them – chicken hatcheries and grow out facilities are the main employers in Juniata County.


BOROUGHS: Mifflin, Mifflintown,  Port Royal, Thompsontown

TOWNSHIPS: Beale Township, Delaware Township, Fayette Township, Fermanagh Township, Greenwood Township, Lack Township, Milford Township, Monroe Township, Spruce Hill Township, Susquehanna Township, Turbett Township, Tuscarora Township, Walker Township


Municipality Tax Collector Phone* Street Address Town, State Zip
Beale Township Virginia A. Foltz 436-2778 1449 Cider Press Rd Port Royal, PA 17082
Delaware Township Nancy E. Deim 463-3438 549 Jones Rd Mifflintown, PA 17059
Fayette Township Beverly E. Richmond 463-2697 144 Red Bank Rd McAlisterville, PA 17049
Fermanagh Township Carol Walters 436-5133 2806 Arch Rock Rd Mifflintown, PA 17059
Greenwood Township Erin E. Warner 589-3688 14525 Rte 235 Millerstown, PA 17062
Lack Township Lucy A. Vawn 734-3714 733 Berry Ridge Rd East Waterford, PA 17021
Mifflin Borough Jennifer A. Tyson 436-5009 107 Path St.
P.O. Box 139
Mifflin, PA 17058
Mifflintown Borough Vicki L. Shellenberger 436-9475 31 Cross St. Mifflintown, PA 17059
Milford Township Leslie Ames 436-9550 6708 Rte 333 Mifflintown, PA 17059
Monroe Township Winnie M. Leister 694-3495 P.O. Box 44 Richfield, PA 17086
Port Royal Borough Melanie Berrier 527-4424 615 N. 4th St. Port Royal, PA 17082
Spruce Hill Township William H. Stong, Sr. 527-4937 4150 McKinley Rd Honey Grove, PA 17035
Susquehanna Township Gloria Kerstetter 444-3061 15 Hill Top Rd Liverpool, PA 17045
Thompsontown Borough Michael D. Elder 535-5747 42 Ridge St. Thompsontown, PA 17094
Turbett Township Martha J. Stouffer 527-4861 317 Stouffer Rd Port Royal, PA 17082
Tuscarora Township Joe A. Parson 734-2019 12746 Rte 75 S Honey Grove, PA 17035
Walker Township Shirley K. Hostler 436-6371 6213 William Penn Hwy Mifflintown, PA 17059

*All phone numbers are area code 717.



We as a PA Title Company collect recording fees and distribute the amount to the Recorder of Deeds in order to record the mortgage and/or deed in the county clerks office. Many counties when issuing PA Title Insurance allow the PA title company to record online, however many we must send the documents directly to the recorder.

Alicia A. Seigler

P.O. Box 68

Mifflintown, PA 17059

P: 717-436-7709


Effective December 8, 2009*

Acknowledgment (1st name) $1.50
each name after 1st $ 0.50
Affidavit $18.50
Act #287 Underground Right of Way $ 7.00
Agree & Assign $18.50
Agreement of Surrender $18.50
Agreement of Sale (Installment) $42.00
Assignment of Mortgage $44.00
Assignment of Rents & Leases $18.50
Boundary Line Agreement $18.50
Cancellation/Agreement $18.50
Charter $18.50
Clean & Green $20.50
Condemnation $42.00
Copies in office $ 0.35
Copies by mail or fax $ 1.00
Certified Copy of Document (copy fee   included) $ 5.00
Declaration of Taking $42.00
Declaration of Trust $18.50
Decree Awarding Real Estate $42.00
Decree of Quiet Title $42.00
Deed $42.00
District Justice Bond $25.00
Easement Agreement $42.00
Extention of Easement $42.00
Highway Map (1st page) $16.50
each additional page $ 3.00
Highway Permit $18.50
Lease Agreement $18.50
Lease Agreement (30 yrs or over) $42.00
Memorandum/Agreement $18.50
Memorandum of Lease $18.50
Merger $18.50
Mortgage $42.00
Mortgage Modification $20.50
Notary Bond & Commission $40.50
Oil Gas Lease $18.50
Option $18.50
Order or Decree $18.50
Ordinance $18.50
Partial Release of Mortgage $44.00
Police Commission $25.00
Postponement of Mortgage $20.50
Power of Attorney $18.50
Release of Mortgage $44.00
Revocation of Power of Attorney $18.50
Right of Way Agreement $42.00
Satisfaction Piece $47.00
Statement of Value $ 2.00
Subdivision Plan $30.00
each additional page $25.00
Subordination of Mortgage $20.50
Tax Determination $20.50
UCC-1 Act 18 Financing Statement** $100.00
(Cont/Term/Amend/Rel/Assn)** $100.00

*Fees for all documents are for four pages and four names. Additional fee for each page over four is $2.00 and for each name over four is $0.50.