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If you are buying or refinancing property in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, you know that there are a lot of documents you need to complete before the transaction can be finalized. One example is title insurance. Do you have title insurance when you get to the closing table? If not, your real estate transaction could be canceled.

That is why your real estate agent or lender will probably recommend that you use a title insurance company they provide. Under federal law, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), you are not required to use their title insurance company! You have the right to choose your own title insurance company, and that is where we can help you!

We are truly independent, and we can help you find the right title insurance policy to meet your needs. Our real estate lawyer would be happy to review your mortgage documents and title paperwork with you, and we can connect you with third-party title insurance providers at a price you can afford!

We are not affiliated with any bank or real estate agent, so we do not have any conflicts of interest. We are truly independent, and our only priority is to help you find the right title insurance policy for your real estate transaction. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today to speak to our team!


Mifflin County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 46,682. Its county seat is Lewistown. It is named after Thomas Mifflin, the first Governor of Pennsylvania. The county was created on September 19, 1789, from parts of Cumberland County and Northumberland County.

Boroughs: Burnham, Juniata Terrace, Kistler, Lewistown, McVeytown, Newton Hamilton

Townships: Armagh Township, Bratton Township, Brown Township, Decatur Township, Derry Township, Granville Township, Menno Township, Oliver Township, Union Township, Wayne Township

Tax Collector Information:

Armagh Township

Denise C. Bitner

7 Third Street PO Box 516

Milroy, PA 17063


Bratton Township

Tami Y. Kenepp

PO Box 147 Mattawana, PA 17054


Brown Township

Teresa “Terry” Reed

73 South Main Street

PO Box 578  Reedsville, PA 17084


Burnham Borough

Joan Fisher

North  113 South Ridge Street

Burnham, PA 17009


Decatur Township

Cindy L. McKnight

565 Whiskey Road  McClure, PA 17841


Derry Township

Bret Treaster

41 Laurel Street  Lewistown, PA 17044


Granville Township

Billi J. Weaver

481 Hawstone Road  Lewistown, PA 17044


Juniata Terrace Borough

Jeri E. Dukes

216 Delaware Avenue Lewistown, PA 17044


Kistler Borough

Cynthia A. Hobbs

390 Cedar Street (Kistler)  Mount Union, PA 17066


Lewistown Borough

Nancy L. Held

2 East Third Street Lewistown, PA 17044


McVeytown Borough

George R. Welsh

20 South Market Street PO Box 283

McVeytown, PA 17051


Menno Township

Jeannette F. Bordell

174 Water Street  Allensville, PA 17002


Newton Hamilton Borough

Melody Kane

PO Box 89 854 Front Street

Newton Hamilton, PA 17075


Oliver Township 

Sherry L. Miller

5608 US Highway 522 South

PO Box 342 McVeytown, PA 17051


Union Township

Herbert J. Eichhorn, Jr.

31 Poplar Street

Belleville, PA 17004


Wayne Township

Mary Ellen Reed

1653 Ferguson Valley Road McVeytown, PA 17051


Register and Recorder: Barbara A. Stringer 

Phone: (717) 242-1449

20 North Wayne St.

Lewistown, PA 17044

Schedule of Fees:

Action Quiet Title $ 18.50 Modification of Mortgage $ 18.50

Adjudication/Award of Real Estate $18.50 **Mortgage $53.50

Agreement (inc. Ag Security) $18.50 Each name over first four .50

**Agreement of Sale $42.00 -Each page over first four $2.00

Articles of Agreement $18.50

Notary $40.50

Amendment $18.50 Notary – Changes $18.50

Amendment of Mortgage $18.50 Notice of Taking/Notice of Condemnation

Assignment $18.50 Recording fee $5.00

Assignment of Leases $18.50 Each page recorded after the first $1.00

**Assignment of Mortgage $42.00 Each page of plan filed $2.50

Award $18.50 Each name indexed .25

Charters $18.50 Miscellaneous Document $18.50

Commissions: Order of Court $18.50

District Justice $19.50 Order to Satisfy Lost Mortgage $28.50

Notary (Bond & Oath) $40.50 Ordinance $7.00

Sheriff $33.50 Postal Leases $18.50

County Official (Treasurer) $28.50 Postponement of Mortgage $18.50

County Official Bond – Proth/Reg. & Rec. $30.50 Power of Attorney $18.50

Condominium: **Release of Mortgage $42.00

Code of Regulations $18.50 **Release of Right of Way $42.00

Declaration of Plans $18.50 Revocation of Power of Attorney $18.50

Consent Forms $18.50 **Right of Way $42.00

Plan (24×36) filed in duplicate $30.00 **Satisfaction of Mortgage $42.00

Decree of Distribution $18.50 Settlement Officer Satisfaction $28.50

**Deed $53.50 Sewage Permit $18.50

Each name over first four .50 State Highway Permit $18.50

Each page over first four$ 2.00 State Highway Plans – 1st page $15.00

Affidavit of value – filed in duplicate $1.00 Each Additional page $3.00

**Deed of Dedication $53.50 Subdivision Plans (24×36) filed in dup. $30.00

**Deed of Distribution $42.00 Subordination of Mortgage $18.50

Discharge (Veterans) Free Water permits $18.50

**Easement / **Deed of Easement $42.00

Election of Taking $18.50

Misc. Information

Extension of Mortgage $18.50 Utility list filing fee $5.00

Finance Statement (all types) $100.00 Utility list copy (each Twp.) $2.00

**Installment Sales Agreement $42.00 Change of name certif. (Minors Only)$ 7.00

Leases $18.50 Copies – per page .50

**Leases – 30 years & over $42.00 Certification with Seal $1.50