Northumberland County Title Insurance

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Are you interested in real estate in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania? Before you reach the closing table, you must make sure you have title insurance. Title insurance can provide you with an important layer of protection, and it might be required for you to complete the transaction.

There is a chance that your bank or real estate agent will even provide you with a specific title insurance company. You are welcome to choose that option, but they cannot require you to do so.

Under federal law, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), you can exercise your right to choose your title insurance provider. At World Wide Land Transfer, we can help you review all of your options, and we can make sure you find the right title insurance provider to meet your needs.

We understand that there are a lot of voices available, and that is why a real estate lawyer in our office will help you review your mortgage documents and title paperwork for you. That way, you can make sure you understand everything before you sign on the dotted line.

We are proud to serve the Northumberland County area, and we can help you with your upcoming transaction as well. We don’t have any conflicts of interest because we are not affiliated with a bank or real estate agent. So, let us help you find the right title insurance plan to meet your needs. Give us a call today to start the process!

Northumberland County Title Insurance

Northumberland County is a county located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 94,528. Its county seat is Sunbury. Northumberland County was formed in 1772 from parts of Lancaster, Berks, Bedford, Cumberland, and Northampton Counties and named for the county of Northumberland in northern England. Northumberland County is a sixth class county according to the Pennsylvania’s County Code. Among its famous residents, Joseph Priestley, the enlightenment chemist and theologian, left England in 1796 due to religious persec

ution and settled on the Susquehanna River. His former house (originally purchased by chemists from Pennsylvania State University after a colloquium that founded the American Chemical Society is a historical museum. Northumberland County makes up the entire Sunbury, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Cities: Shamokin, Sunbury

Boroughs: Herndon, Kulpmont, Marion Heights, McEwensville, Milton, Mount Carmel, Northumberland, Riverside, Snydertown, Turbotville, Watsontown

Townships: Coal Township, Delaware Township, East Cameron Township, East Chillisquaque Township, Jackson Township, Jordan Township, Lewis Township, Little Mahanoy Township,Lower Augusta Township, Lower Mahanoy Township, Mount Carmel Township, Point Township, Ralpho Township, Rockefeller Township, Rush Township, Shamokin Township,Turbot Township, Upper Augusta Township, Upper Mahanoy Township, Washington Township, West Cameron Township, West Chillisquaque Township, Zerbe Township

Tax Collector Information:

Coal Township- (570) 648-4284

Delaware Township- 570-538-9390

East Cameron Township- (570) 648-4304

East Chillisquaque Township- 570-742-2887

Herndon Borough- 570-495-1082

Jackson Township- (570) 758-8081

Jordon Township- (570) 425-3237

Kulpmont Borough- (570) 373-3698

Lewis Township- 570-649-5371

Little Mahanoy Township- (570) 758-2936

Lower Augusta Township- (570) 286-4360

Lower Mahanoy Township- (570) 758-9163

Marion Heights Borough- 570-339-4315

McEwensville Borough- 570-538-9390

Milton Borough- (570) 742-8061

Mt Carmel Township- (570) 339-4315

Mt. Carmel Borough- (570) 339-2109

Northumberland Borough- (570) 452-1251

Point Township- (570) 452-1340

Ralpho Township- (570) 672-2070

Riverside Borough- 570-847-9909

Rockefeller Township- (570) 286-9443

Rush Township- 570-275-3979

Shamokin City- (570) 648-7731

Shamokin Township- 570-898-1481

Snydertown Borough- (570) 672-2408

Sunbury City- (570) 286-4588

Turbot Township- 570-742-3094

Turbotville Borough- (570) 649-6110

Upper Augusta Township- 570-490-1528

Upper Mahanoy Township- (570) 425-2878

Washington Township- (570) 758-2737

Watsontown Borough- 570-538-9390

West Cameron Township- (570) 797-3611

West Chillisquaque Township- 570-524-9889

Zerbe Township- (570) 797-4139

Recorder of Deeds Office:

Deed-Taxable-  $53.50

*** (3 Checks Required – Recording, 1% and 1%)

Statement of Value- $2.00

Deed-Nontaxable- $53.50

Deed of Easement- $53.50

Quit Claim Deed- $53.50

Deed-Redetermination- $53.50

Action to Quiet Title- $53.50

Agreement-Installment Sales- $42.00

Affidavit Affecting Real Estate- $18.50

Assignment of Rents and Leases-$18.50

No Charge for Extra Tracts

Right Of Way Agreements-  $42.00

Award of Real Estate-  $53.50

Leases-30 Years- $42.00

Agreements- $18.50

Miscellaneous- $18.50

Mortgage- $53.50

No Charge for Extra Tracts

Subordination- $20.50

Postponement- $20.50

Release (Partial)-  $44.00

Assignment- $44.00

Modification- $18.50

Amendment- $18.50

Power Of Attorney- $18.50

Easement- $42.00

Ordinances and Restriction- $18.50

Notary Bond and Commission- $41.00

Agricultural Security Act- $18.50

Articles of Incorporation- $18.50

All Prices Listed Above – 4 Pages or Less, 4 Names or Less & 1 Tract

$2.00 for Each Additional Page

$ .50 Each Additional Name

$ .50 Each Additional Tract except On Mortgages

$2.00 Marginal Notation

Satisfaction Piece- $47.00

Release of Mortgage (To Satisfy)-$47.00

Power Of Attorney to Satisfy- $47.00

Map-Subdivision- $30.00 per Page

Map-Highway- $18.00 1st Page/ $3.00 Each Additional Page

UCC Financing Statement- $100.00 Flat Rate

UCC Release- $100.00 Flat Rate

UCC Continuation- $100.00 Flat Rate

UCC Amendment- $100.00 Flat Rate

UCC Termination- $100.00 Flat Rate

**All Documents to Be Returned By Mail Must Provide a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope Other Requirements Attached**