Jan 2012

Philadelphia Investors and Gas Liens

By Marc Shaw

When purchasing a property in Pennsylvania we constantly remind you it is vital you use a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company.  Many out of state title companies don’t recognize or have the expertise in the thousands of municipalities that a title company must in order to protect you the buyer.  When dealing with a city like Philadelphia it becomes even more important to deal with a PA Title Company that understands the city and the many nuances. We can not remind our clients enough about the Philadelphia Landlord Cooperation program.  It is imperitive that you take note and make sure your properties are protected from Gas Liens.  If you do not act regarding such you will find yourself at a settlement where the title company forces you to payoff back billing in which your tenants were responsible.  To find out more about how you can protect yourself take a read through the following blog post by our Philadelphia Title Company website.

Landlord Cooperation Program and How to Avoid PGW Title issues



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