Aug 2011

Real Estate Transaction: Hire a Independent Title Insurance Company

By Marc Shaw

When purchasing a home in Pennsylvania it is vital that you work with a title insurance provider who knows PA and will be able to assist you in every part of your real estate transaction.

In Pennsylvania every municipality has its own quirks that truly affect the way a title insurance company operates.  Whether it’s real estate transfer taxes, recordation fees, certifications for water, sewer or gas liens, property tax certifications or even use & occupancy certifications, every town demands specialized expertise.

Exercise your right to choose!

When purchasing or even refinancing your property be sure to exercise your right to choose the title insurance company.  Preferably it’s in your best interest to choose an independent title insurance company that has expertise in handling a transaction in your town.  Steer clear from the real estate agencies  or banks “in-house” title company.

A consumer’s interests are not always best protected unless you are working directly with an independent title insurance company. Preferably, consult with the title companies attorney directly if given the opportunity to do so. A home purchase is one of the most important purchases of your life, make sure you have the security that you deserve.

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