Somerset County Title Insurance

Are you purchasing or refinancing a home in Somerset County, Pennsylvania?

Don’t let the biggest investment of your life be jeopardized by not having the proper Somerset County title insurance coverage at settlement!

We are a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company providing independent 3rd party title services to home buyers. Let us look out for you!

And our in house real estate attorney will review your title and mortgage documents with you at NO additional cost!!


A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a PA title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Typically, homeowners don’t make this decision for themselves, instead relying on their bank’s or attorney’s choice; however, the homeowner retains the right. RESPA makes it unlawful for any bank, broker, attorney or seller to mandate that a particular Somerset County title insurance company be used. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law and any person or business doing so can be heavily fined or lose its license.

Another reason to choose World Wide Land Transfer as your Somerset County Title Insurance company is that we will be a true independent 3rd party to your transaction. We are not owned or operated by your real estate agents firm or your bank. This eliminates the chance of conflicts of interest between your title insurance provider and the referral source (realtor or bank).








Somerset County is a county located in the state of Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 census, the population was 77,742. Its county seat is Somerset. Somerset County was created on April 17, 1795, from part of Bedford County and named for Somerset, United Kingdom. It is part of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Metropolitan Statistical Area.


BOROUGHS: Addison, Benson, Berlin, Boswell, Callimont, Casselman, Central City, Confluence, Garrett, Hooversville, Indian Lake, Jennerstown, Meyersdale, New Baltimore, New Centerville, Paint, Rockwood, Salisbury, Seven Springs (partly in Fayette County), Shanksville, Somerset, Stoystown, Ursina, Wellersburg, Windber


TOWNSHIPS: Addison Township, Allegheny Township, Black Township, Brothersvalley Township, Conemaugh Township, Elk Lick Township, Fairhope Township, Greenville Township, Jefferson Township, Jenner Township, Larimer Township, Lincoln Township, Lower Turkeyfoot Township, Middlecreek Township, Milford Township, Northampton Township,Ogle Township, Paint Township, Quemahoning Township, Shade Township, Somerset Township, Southampton Township, Stonycreek Township, Summit Township, Upper Turkeyfoot Township





Somerset County Recorder of Deeds
300 N. Center Ave
Suite 400
Somerset Pa. 15501
Phone: (814) 445-1547



FEES EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 8, 2009 PER HB 1607 4 Pages & 4 Names


INSTRUMENT                                               FEE


ABSTRACT OF TRUST                                                        $18.50

ACT 287 (UNDERGROUND R/W)                                   $5.00

ADDENDUM                                                                           $18.50

AFFIDAVIT                                                                             $18.50

AG AREA                                                                               $18.50

AGREEMENT                                                                         $18.50

SALES AGREEMENT                                                            $42.00

AMENDMENT                                                                        $18.50

ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION                                       $18.50

ASSIGNMENT                                                                        $18.50

BANKRUPTCY PETITION                                                    $18.50

CANCELLATION                                                                   $18.50

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION                                        $18.50

CHARTER                                                                              $18.50

CLEAN & GREEN ACT 319                                                 $18.50

CLEAN & GREEN ACT 319 CANCEL                                  $18.50

DECLARATION                                                                     $18.50

DEED                                                              $52.00

CLAIM BY ADVERSE POSSESSION                                   $52.00


DECREE OF COURT                                                            $52.00

DEED-REDETERMINATION                                                 $52.00

SHERIFFS DEED                                                                   $52.00

TAX CLAIM DEED                                                                 $52.00

DISCLAIMER                                                                         $18.50

EASEMENT                                                                            $42.00

RIGHT OF WAY                                                                     $42.00

FINANCE STATEMENT-UCC1 (New Secured Transaction) $100.00

FINANCE STATEMENT-UCC3 (Amend, Asgmt, Cont, Term) $100.00

LANDOWNER CONSENT                                                     $18.50

LEASE EXTENSION                                                              $18.50

LEASE-30 YEAR                                                                    $42.00

LEASES                                                                                  $18.50

MEMORANDUM OF LEASE                                                 $18.50

MERGER                                                                                $18.50

MILITARY DISCHARGE                                                          $0.00

MINE MAPS ( 1st Sheet – each additional sheet $1.00 each) $8.00

MORTGAGE                                                 $52.00

MORTGAGE AMENDMENT                                                 $52.00

MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT                                                 $52.00

MORTGAGE CORRECTION                                                $52.00

MORTGAGE DECLARATION                                              $52.00

MORTGAGE EXTENSION                                                    $52.00

MORTGAGE MODIFICATION                                              $52.00

MORTGAGE RELEASE                                                        $52.00

MORTGAGE SATISFACTION (Validation Fee add’l $8.00) $42.00

NOTARY BOND & COMMISSION                                        $40.50


NOTARY CHANGE OF NAME                                             $18.50

NOTICE OF LIEN                                                                  $18.50

ORDER                                                                                   $18.50

ORDINANCE                                                                          $18.50

PERMIT                                                                                  $18.50

PLAT MAPS (Additional Pages $25.50 each) (** see notes section) $30.50

POSTAL LEASES                                                                  $18.50

POSTPONEMENT SUBORDINATION                                 $18.50

POSTPONEMENTS                                                               $18.50

POWER OF ATTORNEY                                                       $18.50

RELEASE                                                                               $18.50

REVOCATION                                                                       $18.50

SATISFACTION (Other)                                                       $42.00

SEWAGE PERMIT                                                                 $18.50


COPIES MADE IN THE OFFICE $0.50 * May 1, 2012 *

COPIES MAILED FIRST PAGE (Each Additional Page $.50) $3.00

FAX COPIES FIRST PAGE (Each Additional Page           $1.00) $3.00

COPIES OF ACT # 287 (PER SHEET)                                 $2.00

CERTIFICATIONS (plus copies @                                      $ .50 each page) $1.50

EXTRA NAMES (PER NAME)                                               $0.50

EXTRA PAGES (PER PAGE)                                                $2.00

MARGINAL NOTATIONS (PER NOTATION)                     $2.00

NOTARY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                                     $2.00