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Title insurance protects the owner of a property from any losses or damages that may arise from issues with the ownership of the property. When you buy a property, you want to be sure that you are the legitimate owner of the property and that there are no issues with the ownership that could cause problems for you in the future. Title insurance helps to protect you from these types of issues.

In Sullivan County, title insurance is typically purchased when a property is bought or sold. The title insurance company will search for the property’s title to make sure that there are no issues with the ownership of the property. If any issues are found, the title insurance company will work to resolve them before the property is transferred to the new owner.

In general, title insurance provides peace of mind to property owners by protecting them from potential problems with the ownership of their property. It is an important consideration when buying or selling a property, and it is recommended to consult with a title insurance company or an attorney before completing a real estate transaction.


Sullivan County, Pennsylvania is a breathtakingly beautiful, entirely rural community in Northcentral Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains Region. Sullivan County was named for Senator Charles C. Sullivan who took an active role in passing legislation to create the county. Named for John LaPorte, Surveyor General of Pennsylvania from 1843-1851, Laporte, the county seat, is perched atop the Appalachian Plateau at an elevation of 2,060 feet.

BOROUGHS: Dushore, Eagles Mere, Forksville, Laporte

TOWNSHIPS: Cherry Township, Colley Township, Davidson Township, Elkland Township, Forks Township, Fox Township, Hillsgrove Township, Laporte Township, Shrewsbury Township


CHERRY TWP Loucinda Karpovich 218 Schlock Rd 928-9637 Dushore PA 18614

COLLEY TWP Barbara Andrewlavage 83 Main St

928-9112 Lopez PA 18628

928-7456 Twp Building

DAVIDSON TWP Karen L. Bobb 433 Stanton Rd. 482-2157 Muncy Valley PA 17758

DUSHORE BORO Jeannine Richlin 164 East Cherry St. 928-8397 Dushore PA 18614

EAGLES MERE BORO Frank Byrne PO Box 338

525-3362 Eagles Mere PA 17731

ELKLAND TWP Kristina Bedford 648 Campbellville Rd. 924-4742 New Albany PA 18833

FORKS TWP Melanie H. Parrish 2669 Campbellville Rd. 924-3382 New Albany PA 18833

FORKSVILLE BORO Sarah Brown 30 Church St. 924-4678 PO Box 125

Forksville PA 18616

FOX TOWNSHIP Carolyn Weightman 11152 Ellenton Mtn Rd

924-3921 Shunk PA 17768

HILLSGROVE TWP Carole Lukens 2252 Route 87

924-4805 PO Box 95

Hillsgrove PA 18619

LAPORTE BORO Laurie Siegfried 659 Meylert St

946-4056 PO Box 56

Laporte PA 18626

LAPORTE TWP Edna Schweitzer 4448 Rt 220 Highway 946-4125 Muncy Valley PA 17758

SHREWSBURY TWP Patricia Sullivan 26 Allegheny Ave.

525-3992 PO Box 204

Eagles Mere, PA 17731

SULLIVAN COUNTY 946-8200 777 South St

SCHOOL DISTRICT 928-8196 Fax PO Box 240

Laporte PA 18626


Kellie Carpenter

Sullivan County Courthouse

245 Muncy Street

Laporte, PA 18626

Phone: (570) 946-7351


EFFECTIVE December 8, 2009

Fees include four pages, four names and one lot. Additional pages are $2.00 and additional names or lots are $.50 each.



Assignment of Mortgage———————————————————————$44.00

(each additional mortgage to be assigned on same instrument is $2.00)

Declaration of Taking or Trust————————————————————–$18.50




Extension of Mortgage————————————————————————$20.50


Lease (30 year)———————————————————————————$42.00


Mortgage Satisfaction————————————————————————-$47.00

Notary Bond and Commission—————————————————————$32.00

Order of Court or Order to Satisfy Lost Mortgage—————————————-$18.50


Power of Attorney—————————————————————————–$18.50

Release of Mortgage————————————————————————–$44.00

Revocation of Power of Attorney———————————————————–$20.50

Right of Way———————————————————————————–$42.00

Subdivision Maps—————————————————————————–$35.00

Subordination of Mortgage——————————————————————$20.50

Survey Maps———————————————————————————–$35.00

UCC Financing Statements—————————————————————–$100.00

UCC Assignment, Release or Termination———————————————–$100.00

Certification of Instruments——————————————————————-$3.00

Copies per page———————————————————————————-$.25

Fax per page————————————————————————————-$3.00


1) Parcel Identification Number which may be obtained from the Assessment Office.

2) Notarized signatures.

3) Certificate of address for the grantee for purpose of mailing tax bills.

4) Affidavit of Value if applicable for additional $2.00 regardless of the number of pages.

5) Copy of Trust if there is one involved.

6) Self-addressed stamped envelope to return recorded document.

The Recorder shall not be required to record or perform any service whatsoever until requisite fee is paid.