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Do you want to purchase or refinance property in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania? If so, you will need to have title insurance. If you do not get title insurance, your real estate transaction might not move forward.

You have multiple options available if you are interested in purchasing title insurance, and you are not required to go with the company offered by your real estate agent or lender. In fact, they cannot require you to select the plan or provider they offer.

Under federal law, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA), you are allowed to select your own title insurance plan, and we can review your options with you. We are World Wide Land Transfer, and we are a Pennsylvania title insurance company serving Wyoming County. We can review a variety of choices with you, helping you find the right title insurance plan for your needs.

We also have a real estate attorney on our staff who will review your title insurance and mortgage paperwork with you at no additional cost! Let us help you find the right title insurance.

We are not affiliated with a bank or real estate agent. You are our top priority, and we can help you find the right title insurance for your upcoming real estate transaction. Give us a call today to speak to our team, and let us help you find title insurance for your upcoming purchase or refinance!


Wyoming County is a 7th Class County with 18 Townships 5 Boroughs. It was formed out of the northern part of Luzerne, by an act of Assembly approved April 4th, 1842. When the petition for its organization was presented to the Legislature, the Petitioners asked that it might be called “Putnam”, the name of one of the certified townships in the county.

BOROUGHS: Factoryville,  Laceyville,  Meshoppen, Nicholson, Tunkhannock

TOWNSHIPS: Braintrim Township, Clinton Township, Eaton Township, Exeter Township, Falls Township, Forkston Township, Lemon Township, Mehoopany Township, Meshoppen Township, Monroe Township, Nicholson Township, North Branch Township, Northmoreland Township, Noxen Township, Overfield Township, Tunkhannock Township, Washington Township, Windham Township


Braintrim Township

Betty Heller

167 Hilltop Ln.

Laceyville, PA 18623

P: 570-869-2482

Clinton Township

Wally Warring

115 Highland Ave.

Factoryville, PA 18419

P: 570-945-9315

Eaton Township

Janet Kristunas

322 Keelersburg Rd

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

P: 570-836-1696

Exeter Township

Carol Bardzel

114 Upper Camp Ln.

Falls, PA 18615

P: 570-388-6993

Factoryville Borough

Linda Wozniak

PO Box 112

P: 570-945-3679

Falls Township

Jean N. Keeler

2207 SR 307

Dalton, PA 18414

P: 570-587-3509

Forkston Township

Mary E. Valentine

253 Centre St.

Forkston, Twp, PA 18629

P: 570-833-4429

Laceyville Borough

Lesa Huffman

446 Second St.

Laceyville, PA 18623

P: 570-869-2395


Lemon Township

Connie Lawrence

1045E Avery Station Rd.

Factoryville, PA 18419

P: 570-836-4168

Mehoopany Township

Mary Lee Goodwin

231 Sunset Dr.

Mehoopany, PA 18629

P: 570-833-2457

Meshoppen Borough

Michelle Caines

147 Welles St.

Meshoppen, PA 18630

P: 570-833-2433

Monroe Township

Jeanne C. Anderson

222 SR 292 E.

Monroe Twp, PA 18657

P: 570-836-6886

Nicholson Borough

Barbara Nichols

PO Box 75

25 Lackawanna Trail

Nicholson, PA 18446

P: 570-942-6656

Nicholson Township

Audrey Smarkusky

533 Squier Hill Rd.

Nicholson, PA 18446

Northbranch Township

Patricia Holzschuh

636 SR 187

Mehoopany, PA 18629

Northmoreland Township

Betty Weidner

252 Schoolhouse Road

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

P: 570-333-4155

Noxen Township

Christine A. Shook

263Hemlock Lane

Noxen, PA 18636

P: 570-298-2427

Overfield Township

Robert Hug

PO Box 458

5024 Mislevy Road

Lake Winola, PA 18625

P: 570-378-2169

Tunkhannock Borough

Carol Gaylord

50 Redfield St.

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

P: 570-836-4963

Tunkhannock Township

Melinda Kay Shannon

83 E. Tioga St.

Suite 2

PO Box B

Tunkhannock, PA 18657

P: 570-996-2531

Washington Township

Loreida Sickler

31 Sickler Rd. Apt. 1

Meshoppen, PA 18630

P: 570-836-1961

Windham Township

Carole L. Davis

230 Scottsville Rd.

Mehoopany, PA 18629

P: 570-833-4410



1 Courthouse Square

Tunkhannock PA 18657



• Fees include up to four pages, four names.

• Each name over four $0.50 per name

• Additional pages over four $2.00 per page

• Additional Marginal Notations over ONE are $2.00 each.


Deed $ 47.00

Mortgage $ 47.00

Satisfaction of Mortgage, Power/Letter of Attorney to Satisfy $ 44.00

• Need Original Mortgage, certified copy, or copy of the original recorded

mortgage from our records. Certified copies are $5.00 for up to 8 pages

and $.50 per page after the 8 pages.

Assignment of Mortgage $ 42.00

Modification of Mortgage $ 18.50

Mortgage Amendment $ 18.50

Release of Mortgage $ 42.00

Subordination of Mortgage $ 18.50

Ag Easement/Ag Area $ 18.50

Adverse Possession $ 18.50

Affidavit $ 18.50

Act 319 Clean and Green $ 18.50

Agreement $ 18.50

Assignment $ 18.50

Assignment Rents & Leases $ 18.50

Assumption Agreement $ 18.50

Brand $ 18.50

Charter $ 18.50

Consent of Landowner $ 18.50

Court Order $ 18.50

Covenants and Restrictions $ 18.50

Declaration of Pooling and Unitization $ 18.50

Declaration of Taking or Trust $ 18.50

Decree/Award of Real Estate $ 42.00

Easement $ 42.00


Election to Take $ 18.50

Financial Statement $ 18.50

Financing Statement (UCC-1) $ 100.00

• Secured Transaction

• Assignment or release

• Continuation (UCC-2)

• Termination (UCC-3)

Highway Occupancy Permits $ 18.50

Installment Sales Agreement $ 42.00

Lease $ 18.50

Lease – 30 years $ 42.00

Lien Search(name change only) plus $1.00 each listing $ 8.00

Misc $ 18.50

Mineral Rights Conveyance $ 42.00

Notice of Condemnation $ 18.50

Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Oil and Gas Miscellaneous $ 18.50

Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Amendment of Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Extension of Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Release of Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Surrender of Oil and Gas Lease $ 18.50

Ordinance $ 18.50

Option Agreement $ 18.50

Power of Attorney $ 18.50

Revocation of Power of Attorney $ 18.50

Public Utilities Filing Act 287 of 1974 (Underground Right of Way) No charge

Redetermination Act 40 $ 40.00

Release $ 18.50

Rollback Taxes $ 18.50

Right of Way $ 42.00

Sewer/Water Permit $ 18.50

Sewer Easement $ 42.00

Supplemental Indenture $ 42.00

Supplemental Mortgage $ 42.00

Timber Conveyance $ 18.50

Waiver $ 18.50

Veteran’s Discharge No charge

Notary Public (including bond & oath) $ 35.50

Notary Public Address Change/Name Change $ 18.50

Maps/Subdivision Maps $ 29.00

• We will not accept any maps larger than 24×36 inches. All subdivision

maps must show proof of county and/or township or borough

approval. All maps must be signed by owners and acknowledged. We

will not accept poor copies.


Highway Plan $ 15.00

• Additional pages $ 3.00

All fees include the State Writ Tax, $.50, and where applicable, Affordable Housing fee,

Wyoming County Ordinance #5, $5.00, Act No. 32 of 2002, $5.00, and Act No. 122 of 2002,

$10.00, and Act No. 49 of 2009, $13.50.

Realty Transfer Tax

A state tax of 1% of the consideration and a local tax of the same amount is due when


All deeds shall set forth the true consideration or be accompanied by a “Statement of

Value”. If an exemption is claimed, either full or partial, the deed must be accompanied by

a “Statement of Value”. The “Statement of Value” shall be fully completed. Where the

property is located in two or more taxing authorities, the person recording the deed shall

indicate thereon the value of the property in each taxing authority for local realty transfer

tax purposes.

All deeds, mortgages and assignments must have a Certificate of Residence completed and

signed in order to record.

WHERE NO FEE IS SPECIFIED the fee shall be set by the Recorder of Deeds.