Blair County Title Insurance


Blair County Title Insurance QuoteAre you purchasing or refinancing a home in Blair County, Pennsylvania?

Don’t let the biggest investment of your life be jeopardized by not having the proper Blair County title insurance coverage at settlement!

We are a Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company providing independent 3rd party title services to home buyers. Let us look out for you!

And our in house real estate attorney will review your title and mortgage documents with you at NO additional cost!!


A federal law called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) entitles the individual homeowner to choose a PA title insurance company when purchasing or refinancing residential property. Typically, homeowners don’t make this decision for themselves, instead relying on their bank’s or attorney’s choice; however, the homeowner retains the right. RESPA makes it unlawful for any bank, broker, attorney or seller to mandate that a particular Blair County title insurance company be used. Doing so is a gross violation of federal law and any person or business doing so can be heavily fined or lose its license.

Another reason to choose World Wide Land Transfer as your Blair County Title Insurance company is that we will be a true independent 3rd party to your transaction. We are not owned or operated by your real estate agents firm or your bank. This eliminates the chance of conflicts of interest between your title insurance provider and the referral source (realtor or bank).




Blair County has within its bounds some of the loftiest mountains, the most beautifully picturesque scenery and the greatest natural curiosities in the State. It
has considerable mineral wealth and many fertile and well watered valleys. In it are the head waters of the Blue Juniata river, and passing through, from east to west, is the main line of the richest railroad in the United States, perhaps the richest in the world, the P. R. R. Here has been the birthplace or early home of some of the most noted people of the State, some whose name and fame are world wide, not as leaders of great armies but as financial giants, originators of great enterprises, directors and managers of colossal industries; eminently successful business men.

CITY: Altoona

BOROUGHS: Bellwood, Duncansville, Hollidaysburg, Newry, Martinsburg, Roaring Spring, Tyrone, Williamsburg

TOWNSHIPS: Allegheny Township, Antis Township, Blair Township, Catharine Township, Frankstown Township, Freedom Township, Greenfield Township, Huston Township, Juniata Township, Logan Township, North Woodbury Township, Synder Township, Taylor Township, Tyrone Township, Woodbury Township

Tax Collectors

City of Altoona Kimberly Schimminger 814-946-8443 County & School Taxes

Altoona City Tax Central Tax Bureau 814-949-2539  City Taxes Only

Allegheny Twp Donald A. Wagner 814-696-9044

Antis Twp Susan E. Kensinger 814-742-8094

Blair Twp Ashley P. Campbell 814-312-8165

Bellwood Boro Sherry Clabaugh 814-742-7688

Catherine Twp Robin Imler 814-832-2627

Duncansville Boro Regina Forshey 814-695-5928

Frankstown Twp Kathryn L. Hileman 814-696-4049

Freedom Twp Holly Link 814-695-9665

Greenfield Twp Grace Helsel 814-330-9250

Hollidaysburg Boro Donna M. Carson 814-696-4684

Huston Twp Nicole L. Stoltzfus 814-793-2958

Juniata Twp Connie Jackson 814-696-1298

Logan Twp Christina Blake 814-944-5348

Martinsburg Boro Phyllis Keim 814-793-2845

Newry Boro Gladys T. Glunt 814-695-3741

North Woodbury Twp Sharon L. Brower 814-793-4266

Roaring Spring Boro Joy E. Smith 814-224-2349

Snyder Twp Wendy S. Miller 814-684-0469

Taylor Twp Joy A. Heuston 814-224-5255

Tyrone Twp Lisa O’Dellick 814-946-0988

Tyrone Boro Phyllis Garhart 814-684-1337 County & Borough Taxes Only

Tyrone Boro Wendy Miller 814-684-0710 Ext.4129 School Tax Only

Williamsburg Boro Donna J. Showalter 814-832-2512

Woodbury Twp Linda K. Hostler 814-832-2581



Recorder of Deeds
Blair County Courthouse
423 Allegheny Street
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648



Fee Schedule

Affidavit – $18.50

Agreement – $18.50

Agricultural Security Agmt – $18.50

Article of Agreement – $42.00

Assignment of Lease – $18.50

Assignment of Mortgage – $44.00

Assignment of Rents & Leases – $18.50

Assumption of Agreements – $18.50

Award of Real Estate – $42.00

Bill of Sale – $18.50

Certifications – $2.00

Copies (In office) – $0.25

Copies (mailed) per page – $1.00

County Officers Bonds Plus applicable state fees – $15.00

County Officers Commissions Plus applicable State Fees – $15.00

Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions – $18.50

Declaration of Taking – $42.00

Decree Of Distribution – $42.00

Deed – $55.00

Easement/Right of Way – $42.00

Election – $18.50

Financing Statements (UCC) – $100.00

Highway Plans (First Page) Each Additional Page 3.00 – $18.00

Installment Sales (purchase) Agmt – $42.00

Leases – $18.50

Leases for a term of 30 yrs or more – $42.00

Modification of Mortgage – $20.50

Mortgage – $55.00

Notary Name Change – $20.50

Notary Public Bond, Oath & Commission – $40.50

Notice of Condemnation – $18.50

Order of Court – $20.50

Ordinances – $18.50

Power of Attorney – $18.50

Power of Attorney (Sat Mtg) – $47.00

Release of Leases – $18.50

Release of Leases & Rents – $18.50

Release of Mortgage – $44.00

Revocation – $18.50

Satisfaction by Order of Court – $42.00

Satisfaction Pieces – $47.00

Sewage Permit – $18.50

Statement of Value (in duplicate) – $2.00

Subdivision Plans (Each additional page 10.00) – $30.00

Subordination of Mortgage (Release of Priority) – $20.50

Surveys – $10.00

Veterans Discharge – No Charge – $0.00

Waiver – $18.50