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If you are buying or refinancing a home in Lancaster County, PA, a strong title insurance company providing a title insurance policy will protect you from any loss. While some title defects will show up on your initial title report, others may not. Some of the most common title defects include:

  • Undisclosed easements
  • Incomplete or forged documents
  • Previously unknown wills
  • Uncertain Ownership
  • Unpaid taxes owed on the property

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to resolve these issues, which can cost you time and money. Some defects could even call your ownership rights into question! Having to file a quiet title action in court is not fun, so make sure you have the right title coverage in place. When you work with World Wide Land Transfer and its Pennsylvania title insurance agents, you know that your next real estate transaction will go smoothly and that there won’t be any costly surprises.

At World Wide Land Transfer we have been providing title insurance services to people in Lancaster County, PA, and surrounding communities for more than 20 years. If you are looking for a reliable title insurance company, we can help you find a policy and provide other services to facilitate your next real estate transaction. Call us today to speak with a title agent about title insurance in Berks County, PA, or to find a title insurance company serving Lancaster County, PA. We are a PA Title Company and service the entire Commonwealth. Remember you have the legal right to choose your own title company!

Title Insurance is a One-Time Purchase & the Policy Lasts as Long as You Own the Property

Title insurance company in Lancaster County, PAThe great thing about getting a title policy is that you only have to pay one time. When you purchase an owner’s title insurance policy at the time of sale, it will cover you until you sell your home. If any title defects, property line issues, or undiscovered heirs should come up in the future, you won’t have to worry about them. While lenders are required to purchase lender’s title insurance for every transaction, homebuyers are not. That doesn’t mean you can go without! If any title defects come to light, we think you will find the one-time cost of your title policy will be well worth it.

One more thing: you have the right to choose your own title insurance company. Under federal law, it is illegal for any lender, attorney, realtor, or anyone else to mandate that you use a particular insurer. By choosing your own title insurance company for your real estate transaction in Lancaster County, PA, you can avoid any conflicts of interest.

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Your Lancaster County, PA home purchase or refinancing is too important to leave anything up to chance. If you are concerned that title defects could put a damper on your next real estate transaction, call World Wide Land Transfer today to speak with a title agent about title insurance rates in the Lancaster County, PA area or anywhere else nationwide.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Lancaster County local /ˈlæŋkɨstər/, sometimes nicknamed the Garden Spot of America or Pennsylvania Dutch Country, is a county located in the south central part of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.[1] As of the 2010 census, the population was 519,445.[2] Its county seat is Lancaster.

Lancaster County forms the Lancaster Metropolitan Statistical Area, the 99th largest of 361 MSAs in the United States.[3]

The County of Lancaster is a popular tourist destination. The term Pennsylvania Dutch comes from Pennsylvania German language, derived from the German Deutsch (‘German’), Dutch Duits (‘German’), Diets (‘Dutch’): they are the descendants of Germans (Deutsche) who immigrated in the 18th and 19th centuries for the freedom of religion offered by William Penn,[4] and were attracted by the rich soil and mild climate of the area.[5] Freedom from poverty and political uncertainty also was a major factor. Also attracted to promises of religious freedom, French Huguenots fleeing religious persecution with significant numbers of English, Welsh and Scots-Irish[6] settled this area in 1710.


Christiana, Pennsylvania is the least populated borough in Lancaster County, as of 2010.[103] Ephrata is the most populous.

Adamstown (a small part is also in Berks County), Akron,  Christiana, Columbia,  Denver,  East Petersburg, Elizabethtown,  Ephrata,  Lititz,  Manheim, Marietta,  Millersville,  Mount Joy,  Mountville,

New Holland,  Quarryville,  Strasburg, and Terre Hill


Bart,  Brecknock,  Caernarvon,  Clay,  Colerain,  Conestoga,  Conoy,  Drumore,  Earl, East Cocalico,  East Donegal,  East Drumore,  East Earl,  East Hempfield,  East Lampeter, Eden

Elizabeth, Ephrata,  Fulton,  Lancaster,  Leacock,  Little Britain,  Manheim,  Manor, Martic, Mount Joy,  Paradise,  Penn,  Pequea,  Providence,  Rapho,  Sadsbury,  Salisbury,

Strasburg,  Upper Leacock, Warwick, West Cocalico,  West Donegal,  West Earl,  West Hempfield and West Lampeter

Tax Collector info:

ADAMSTOWN BORO             Rosemary Johnston (717)-484-4423                                 

AKRON BORO                        Ann S. Nolt (717) 859-1600

BART TWP                               John E. Martin (717) 786-4728

BRECKNOCK TWP                   Nancy J. Kulp (717) 445-7828

CAERNARVON TWP                Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222                      

CHRISTIANA BORO                 Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222                      

CLAY TWP                               Deb Zerbe (717) 336-0294

EAST COCALICO TWP             Joan K. Fischer (717) 484-4975

WEST COCALICO TWP            Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

WEST COCALICO TWP             Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222


COLERAIN TWP                       Anna W. Thompson (717) 529-2435

COLUMBIA BORO                   Borough of Columbia (717) 684-2467

CONESTOGA TWP                   Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

CONOY TWP                           Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

DENVER BORO                        Brian Weaver (717) 336-5823

EAST DONEGAL TWP              Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

WEST DONEGAL TWP             Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

DRUMORE TWP                      Linda S. Martin (717) 548-2392

EAST DRUMORE TWP             Martha E. Delong (717) 786-3721

EARL TWP                               Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

EAST EARL TWP                      East Earl Township (717) 354-5593 ext. 21

WEST EARL TWP                     Robert E. Coble, Jr. (717) 556-8294

EAST PETERSBURG BORO       Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

EDEN TWP                               Gary J. Crawford (717) 786-7182

ELIZABETH TWP                      Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

ELIZABETHTOWN BORO         Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

EPHRATA BORO                      Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

EPHRATA TWP                        Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

FULTON TWP                          Margaret G. Gordon (717) 548-2638

EAST HEMPFIELD TWP            Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

WEST HEMPFIELD TWP          Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

EAST LAMPETER TWP             Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

WEST LAMPETER TWP            Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

LANCASTER CITY                     Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

LANCASTER TWP                     Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

LEACOCK TWP                        Leacock Township (717) 768-8585

UPPER LEACOCK TWP Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

LITITZ BORO                           Jeannie A. Nearhoof (717) 626-1975

LITTLE BRITAIN TWP               Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

MANHEIM TWP                      Jerry W. Tueche, Treasurer (717) 569-6408 ext.103

MANHEIM BORO                    Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

MANOR TOWNSHIP                Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

MARIETTA BORO                    Jody Shaffner (717) 426-4143

MARTIC TWP                          Doris J. Frey (717) 284-4855

MILLERSVILLE BORO              Millersville Borough (717) 872-4645

MOUNT JOY BORO                 Mount Joy Borough (717) 653-2300

MOUNT JOY TWP-UPPER       Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

MOUNT JOY TWP-LOWER      Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

MOUNTVILLE BORO               Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

NEW HOLLAND BORO            New Holland Borough (717) 354-4567

PARADISE TWP                        Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

PENN TWP                               Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

PEQUEA TWP                          Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

PROVIDENCE TWP                  Mary E. Brooks (717) 284-2113

QUARRYVILLE BORO              Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

RAPHO TWP                            Melva J. Kready (717) 665-3827

SADSBURY TWP                      Stacey L. Hoopes (610) 593-1215

SALISBURY TWP                      Salisbury Township (717) 768-8059

STRASBURG BORO                  Borough of Strasburg (717) 687-7732

STRASBURG TWP                    Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

TERRE HILL BOROUGH           Lancaster County Treasurer (717) 299-8222

County of Lancaster

Office of Recorder of Deeds

Office Address                                                 Mailing Address

150 North Queen Street                                P.O. Box 1478

Suite #315 Lancaster, PA 17608-1478       Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: 717-299-8238

Fax: 717 -299-8393

E-mail : bbowman@co.lancaster.pa.us

Websites : www.lancasterdeeds.com

2014 Fee Schedule Recorder of Deeds for Lancaster County Title Insurance:

BASE fee for recording Deeds and Mortgages maximum of 4 pages.

This fee includes DEEDS and MORTGAGES ONLY, and reflects the adoption of the County Affordable Housing Ordinance ($11.50) and $23.50 for Act 49.

BASE fee for recording most other documents maximum of 4 pages.

This fee includes Agreements, Modifications, Assignments, Releases, Mortgage Satisfactions, Subordination Agreements/Postponements, Installment Sales Agreements, Leases for a term of 30 years or longer, Right-of-Ways, and Easements.

BASE fee for other miscellaneous documents maximum of 4 pages Powers of Attorney, Memos of Lease (-30 years) and Deputations

EACH additional page after 4 is $2.00.


Plans and Maps
Condominium Plans (Minimum 18″x24″, Maximum 24″x36″)

$30.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page (Note: first page is the cover page created in the recorder’s office, then it’s $2.00 for each page of plan.)

State Highway Plans
$15.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page

Subdivision Plans (Minimum 18″x24″, Maximum 24″x36″)

$15.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page (Note: The first page is the sheet provided by planning, and then $2.00 for each page of the plan)

Mylar and paper plans are both accepted for recording.

Filing Fees
Copies of notice for each municipality (each page)

U.C.C. Secured Transactions

UCC-3 (Standard Form) each document

Veterans Service Discharge (DD-214)

Miscellaneous Fees

Copies (Each page)

Service Charge